All my recipes are gluten free, sugar free and seriously low in carbohydrates. You wont find what I like to call ‘the usual suspects’ in any of my recipes, so no white flour, brown flour, rice flour, margarine, sugar, syrups, raisins, soya or anything else I don’t like. Why? I just told you – I don’t like them :-)

All my recipes are high in protein and full of essential fatty acids – the good fats. Why? Because I know what I’m doing :-) Everything I make is specially designed to promote rapid fat loss and help build and maintain strong lean muscle. Oh and they taste great too. I use only the best ingredients and the correct balance of macronutrients to create the ultimate guilt free treat. You wont find any of those ‘random’ ingredients in there, you know the ones with the letters here and numbers there . . . just solid clean ingredients. Pretty cool yeah? That’s what I thought too :-)

So what are you waiting for? So just take my word for it – find your favourite ‘treat’ and enjoy the guilt free version :-) If there is anything not on the site that you would like to see drop me a line here ———— and I’ll see what I can do for you. I can be good like that! :-) ha


I have always had a soft spot for a good rocky road but all the sugars used to make me want to cry :-( So I made my own version (go me). Packed full of protein and high in good healthy fats this is the healthy rocky road that looks and tastes like the real thing. And before you ask you wont find a sniff of sugar in the marshmallows either – I’ve got this nailed down. Oh and what’s more these guys are gluten free and sugar free. Job done :-)


The ultimate guilt free brownie that looks, tastes and even smells like a real persons brownie. Good work out of me. :-) They are light and soft with a nice spongy texture.

They are low carb and sugar free packed full of healthy fats and protein. Sure what more could you want? :-)


Little balls of energy that are high in protein and full of full of essential fatty acids (EFA) – If you have clicked into any of my other recipes you may see a theme developing here.

They are gluten free, sugar free and low carb and they are great to take with you if you are on the go. Why are they shaped into balls? No reason – but rumour has it round food is fun. True story.